Very Young Girls

September 6, 2010 8:30 pm Leave your thoughts

I recently watched the documentary “Very Young Girls” its about prostitution and trafficking of young women here in New York City. It was not an easy watch. I was in tears much of the time having to stop it several times.

It is disgusting what happens. 12 year old girls being pimped and turned to prostitution. Beaten bloody when they try to leave. It hits close to home as I have at times seen such young girls working the blocks around my art studio building. I know many of the neighborhoods in the film. I’m sure I commute the subways with parents of children this happens to every day.

As the film points out when we talk about the trafficking of young women we so often refer to the Philippines or Thailand, Africa, somewhere else. It is happening right here in America. It is an growing and overwhelming problem right here in our back yard.

Watch it. Get involved in some way in preventing the trafficking and prostitution of young girls. Send men who assault women to jail. Please, please please. Your child may be at risk. Don’t sit back and let someone else handle this. Get involved. Fight for tougher legislation against pimps and people who perpetuate this business. Speak out against the reasons there is a market for such things.

Its available instantly on Netflix.

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